NCS - News Center System design is based on the requirement of News Center System document. NCS system will release news on the Internet/Intranet that comes from the authorized department and the organizations. Authorized people can send news to News Center by using Internet from any location and at anytime. News center can receive, store and publish the news, which come from authorized people (reporters).

        The public can browse and query the news of News center by visiting the web site. NCS can be thought as a news release platform. Authorized people can release their news by using this platform.

    Key Features

    NCS - News publishing and lookup system for organizations over the public network 
  • Enables registered users deploy News to publics or specified groups over the Internet
  • Manages organization-wide News
  • Hierarchy Directory managing and build-in flexibility and scalability
  • News data distributed and localized management
  • Attaching varies documents to News is available. 
  • Public can refer news over Extranet/Intranet. Only can the granted users be authenticated to refer the security-specified News
  • Rich News management and access tracing functionalities
  • Enhanced statistics and retrieval of published news.
  • Multi platform, Multi-language support