--- Public Network Security Data Sharing & Managing 

    MMS (Merit Matrix Solution) is a public network (internet /intranet) security data sharing and managing solution with integration of MCS and NCS. It is designed as an ingredient of e-government integration for sharing confidential data over public network with high reliability. MMS facilitates the latest technologies to share the data, messages, and documents of government for interactions of offices to offices and administrations to subordinations. Due to the thin client browser oriented user-friendly interface, MMS is easy to be mastered; anyone who has experience of Web browser is easy to grasp MMS. World Wide Web as its communication media, MMS lowers your running cost to minimum. It is your best choice for security data sharing and managing MMS.

    Data Sharing
    A natural progression for many organizations that set up intranets is to open up selected areas to partners. This allows faster and more effective partner interactions. The security and VPN support features in MMS make it easy to create extranet that can be accessed by selected organizations, but not the general public. This makes data sharing in organizations over Internet more reliable.
    Security Policy
    Security is increasingly critical to the Internet applications. Computer security over the public network like Internet is a worldwide concern fundamental to the way we live and do business. To help ensure this security, MMS is utilizing strategic technology SSL/TLS, RSA to protect confidential documents from eavesdropping on transmission. All transaction data are encrypted on the Internet transmission.
    100% Thin Client Structure
    Many organizations want easily managed, flexible access to their applications. 100% thin client strategy of centralized management of MMS makes customers eliminate any need to install client software, and let users get benefits from managing and maintaining single point.
    Platform Independent
    Based solely on Java Servlet and XML platform independent technology, MMS can run on any platform, including Windows○R, Linux○R, Solaris TM, and FreeBSD, therefore can be migrated to any platform at any time without having to rewrite existing MMS.
    Straightforward Data Management
    MMS delivers centralized and enforced online data management functionalities to relieve users of manual document-pool management.